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The Craft Kit Project: Inside the Crafts Kits

For the first round of crafts kit deliveries, we included three crafting options: tissue paper flowers, rocks paintings, and mini-canvases. While these simple crafts allow seniors to have some artistic fun and forget about troubling occurrences, the aim of these crafts is also remind them that they are much supported and valued in the community.

Starting off our first round of crafts, we packed each craft kit with corresponding materials and an instruction sheet to guide seniors through the process. For example, in our first crafting option, tissue-paper flowers, we included pre-cut pieces of tissue paper for the petals of the flower, as well as pipe cleaners that create the stem and leaves.

For our two other crafting options, we included all the necessary materials, including such as colourful paints, brushes, and either a canvas or a rock to paint on. These two craft kits also include helpful painting tips along with painting ideas to help inspire the seniors. Along with each craft kit, short but heart-warming messages were included to show support for the seniors through this difficult time.

Our biggest hopes with these craft kits are for the seniors to know that we are thinking of them and that they have our support. If you have any craft ideas or would like to help us in our endeavours, please contact us through email at or DM us on Instagram!


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