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2020: the good, the bad, and the unexpected!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

While this year was a whirlwind of unexpected events, we still wanted to take some times to look back on the highlights of 2020!

The year began with our Sweet Valentine’s Workshop at Hollyburn, where we made candy boxes and bookmarks with the seniors. Also in February, T2SA had a pop-up craft booth at Park Royal, providing free materials for anyone passing by to make a Valentine’s craft.

With spring came the start of the pandemic, and along with it T2SA adapted. Our dedicated members came up with the Craft Kits. This was a project where seniors had access to all the materials and instructions needed to make crafts on their own. During the first couple months of adjusting to Covid-19, our members worked tirelessly to make the first few sets of Craft Kits.

The air warmed and flowers bloomed, and we delivered the first two batches to Revera Hollyburn House and Lynn Valley Care Centre. With the help of our phenomenal volunteers, we were able to believe another set of Craft Kits later this summer. We sent 90 kits to Cedar Spring PARC, Amica West Vancouver, and Adanac Park Lodge. The feedback we received from senior homes, especially a letter from one of the Cedar Spring PARC residents, which . The letter was extremely touching, and it strengthened our dedication to bring a sense of community and care to residents in these difficult times.

As the autumn season quickly approached, we heard back from some of the facilities, including Lynn Valley Care Centre, Cedar Springs PARC, and Kiwanis Manor Assisted Living and Adanac Park Lodge. We were thrilled to learn that the residents were enjoying the crafts and having fun! In light of fall, we reached out and sent craft kits to Adanac Park Lodge, Cedar Springs PARC, Kiwanis Care Center, and Lynn Valley Care Center again.

With the beginning of winter came the Christmas Card contest. The contest had two categories: a general card category and a Christmas/winter card category. We chose a few cards at the end of the month to mass print, and sent them with our winter craft kits! Another congratulations goes out to Sabrina Wu, our lucky winner, who wooed us all with her gorgeous card designs. The month of December was a busy one for T2SA, and it started with the virtual Krispy Kreme fundraiser. This was an extremely successful fundraiser, helping us raise over $1600 to put towards future projects. We also expanded our team this winter, by choosing our new Executive team! These new team members will be aiding us in order to provide even better services for seniors. The same senior homes were contacted again for our December Craft Kits, where we designed several holiday-themed crafts, including winter canvas paintings and ornament paintings.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances and events that spanned this year, we tried our best to bring a sense of hope to the seniors in our community. We hope to continue providing care for residents, and we appreciate any donations. Even as little as $10 helps our organization to provide better and more crafts for a wider range of senior homes. A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers, members, and other helpers who made this year an unforgettable one. We look forward to seeing what 2021 holds!

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