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With the goal of meeting seniors' psycho-emotional needs... 

The Craft Kits Project

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has transitioned activities from organizing offline events and physically visiting senior homes to other virtual programs, with our most essential project being the Craft Kits Project.

With hopes of continuously providing seniors with support and accompany during this difficult time, we have been sending seniors in local homes self-assembly craft kits to help them relieve some stress and stay strong. 

Our kits include a variety of crafts, ranging from canvas paintings to paper fans. Each kit includes necessary crafting materials, an instruction sheet, and a warm hand-written message from our volunteers. 


The Craft Kits Project is a FREE service provided by T2SA Society. Please email us with the number of kits you'd hope to receive and an approximate age range of your senior residents. 

You may visit our blog to see what other homes have said about our service or contact us to find out more.

Since our organization runs completely based on donations and fundraisers, any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated, especially during this time as offline fundraisers cannot be held.

Please email us or visit the Donate page to make a donation.

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