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2020/2021: A School Year in Review

Our wonderful volunteer and editorial writer Nazgol making a craft kit delivery at Chartwell Churchill House!

Throughout this challenging school year, T2SA had many exciting events and occasions that made this year an exceptionally memorable one. A huge thank you goes to all of our volunteers, dedicated members, and leaders for making this school year a big success for T2SA. We appreciate the help of everybody who donated their time, money, and ideas to our non-profit organization. You are the ones who make it possible for us to put a smile on seniors’ faces, and we thank you for that!

T2SA recruited a number of new executive members to its team this year. They have been an anchor for the club, helping out at every turn and with every new project. During our virtual meetings throughout the year, T2SA provided opportunities for our volunteers to join in on the craft festivities. In lieu of Valentine’s Day, we held a craft workshop over Zoom, where members signed on to make bow-tied paper candy boxes to store their well deserved sweets. This was an amazing chance for the members of the club to get to know each other better. In the month of April, another craft workshop was held over Zoom, this time to make clay dishes. Our volunteer members

got to build amazing creations using clay and bond with other members. This year we also held our very first Christmas Card contest, resulting in the production of many beautifully designed cards which were sent out with our winter craft kits. The talented winner of the contest was Sabrina Wu, who took everyone’s breath away with her stunning artwork. Last but definitely not least, T2SA was chosen as one of the winners for the BCRTA Golden Star Award! This award provided us with financial support as well as a beautiful trophy (currently on display at Sentinel Secondary). This will make it possible for us to provide support to even more seniors with activities such as our craft kits.

This school year was a very successful one in terms of fundraisers. We hosted three Krispy Kreme fundraisers -two in December at Sentinel Secondary/West Vancouver Secondary and one in March at Fresh St. Market, which brought in a total of over $2000 for future projects, craft deliveries and club events. To minimize crowding and reduce in-person interactions, we came up with a pre-ordering system where folks could secure their donuts and make their payments online, only needing to come to pick their orders up. Thanks to all the people who helped out with the fundraiser, as well as those who donated and bought the donuts!

An ongoing project for T2SA has been the craft kit project. First introduced due to the pandemic, these are themed craft kits that are personally delivered to different senior homes, for the enjoyment of the seniors. Some of the biggest deliveries we did this year included the December craft kits. These were sent out to Lynn Valley Care Centre, Cedar Springs PARC, and Kiwanis Manor Assisted Living and Adanac Park Lodge. These senior homes have been with us throughout the entirety of this year, and we love nothing more than to see the smiles on their faces when the kits arrive. The December craft kits consisted of Winter canvas painting, Pinecone Elves, ornament paintings, and hand-designed Cards4Compassion cards.

The bees were busy, but the T2SA team was even busier this spring, sending out 150 Easter craft kits to Lynn Valley Care Centre, Cedar Springs PARC, and Chartwell Churchill House Retirement Residence, in the month of March. Our Easter crafts were bunny bookmarks, egg paintings, and spring-themed canvas paintings. Smaller rounds of craft kit deliveries also took place, such as ones that we sent in June, in celebration of summer, and another for the month of May.

Although this year was a confusing one for everyone, T2SA managed to achieve many goals with the help of our devoted members and volunteers. We would not have been able to support this amount of seniors without the help of every single individual that has provided us with their time. Thank you for your time and dedication, and we hope you have a wonderful summer!

If you’d like to donate to help with our operations, we’d forever be grateful. Please head onto our donation page, or click here to make a contribution. For any inquiries, comments, etcetera, email us anytime at Thank you!


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