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Happy holidays… and other festive events!

As we quickly approach the holidays, T2SA approaches some exciting events! This month we held a virtual Krispy Kreme fundraiser, which raised over $1600 which will be put towards our future projects! This was a huge milestone for us, and we want to thank everyone who made this event such a triumph. We have to give a special thank you to our dedicated volunteers and everyone else who helped to sell and distribute all of the doughnut boxes.

We also held a Christmas card contest this month. Previously, we have been sending written messages on small pieces of paper and included them in our craft kits, but these little notes can be difficult for seniors to read. That was why our team came up with the idea of the Cards4Compassion project. After some thought, we decided that it would be very hard for our volunteers to make more than one hundred custom cards each month. This led us to create this Christmas card contest. It took place in the month of November, and a huge number of people submitted brilliant cards, all of which were beautiful works of art. A big congratulations goes out to our winner Sabrina Wu! (A picture of her lovely design is below) We have chosen a few other cards to mass print and send off to senior homes in our upcoming craft kits. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest.

Another important event this month was the choosing of our new Executive team! We are thrilled to welcome our new team members who will be working with the organization. We have also been working hard to prepare some holiday craft kits. With the help of our tremendous volunteers, our team is looking forward to putting together some Winter-themed crafts for the seniors. As the cold slowly nears, we have designed numerous holiday-themed crafts; some examples including Winter canvas painting, Pinecone Elves, and ornament paintings. Each of the craft kits will also include one of our Cards4Compassion cards, personally made by our dedicated volunteers. Our previous round of craft kits were sent to Adanac Park Lodge, Cedar Springs PARC, Kiwanis Care Center, and Lynn Valley Care Center. We plan to contact the same care homes for this round of craft kits as well, and to other homes that we have collaborated with in the past.

Although we sincerely enjoy sending these craft kits, it may be difficult to continue doing so with the little funding we have. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated and even as little as $10 can help us deliver care to at least three seniors. During these difficult times, and especially throughout the holiday season, our goal is to let seniors know that they are cared for and remembered. We look forward to a great holiday season, and to continuing our mission of supporting seniors. Thank you for your support.


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