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Craft Kits Project: Strengthening Old Connections and Making New Ones

After our second round of craft deliveries, we waited in anticipation for the feedback we would receive. We were pleasantly surprised to not only receive positive feedback but a letter from one of the Cedar Spring PARC residents as well. The letter was very touching and had affirmed our hopes of what these craft kits would bring to seniors, which is a sense of community and a doorway to their inner artist.

With the success of our second round of craft kits, we are now planning a third round with some reoccurring crafts. As the summer season ends, we want to make it last as long as possible by sending some more summer-themed crafts such as paper fans, tissue paper ballerinas, and strawberry boxes. We will also be sending more tissue paper flowers and canvases, bringing the total number of craft kits this round to 100.

We hope for these craft kits to become a recurring activity that residents can participate in, so we’ve reached out to some senior homes we've worked with in the past. After hearing all the positive responses and how excited many of the residents were, we contacted Lynn Valley and Cedar Springs PARC again to send their seniors more craft kits. We also hope to continue expanding our reach and impact as many seniors as possible, so we’ve reached out to Kiwanis for this round of crafts as well.

Our hope for these crafts kits are for seniors to feel a sense of community even in isolation. Times like these are very tough and it is these times exactly where we must work together and show our support. If you have any questions about our goals or would like to help us in our endeavours, please contact us through email at or DM us on Instagram!


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