Executive Team Recruitment

November 2020


Thank you for your interest in joining T2SA’s Executive Team. The Fall Recruitment has ended for this year. All interviews are now completed and final results will be sent out via email by December 2nd. We thank you again for your time and effort.

Outreach Coordinator

Large parts of our work require contacting senior homes, reaching out to potential sponsors as well as donors, and connecting with the press. Therefore, large parts of your work will involve the management of external communications via emails, phone calls, and meetings (virtual or in-person after the pandemic). 

Human Resources Manager

Being a non-profit, recruiting volunteers is essential to our organization’s development. Your job will be to constantly brainstorm volunteer engagement plans while guiding our current volunteers. While all executive members will work closely with our leadership team, your role particularly will have to work closely with the current leaders in volunteer coordination. You will also be in charge of the meeting minutes (notes) for our weekly meetings. 

Marketing Manager

This role is particularly concerned with promoting the organization to the general public and/or specific audiences. You will take on the management of all our social media platforms and allocate specialized volunteers to different tasks as needed. As the head of our marketing team, your group will be in charge of producing creative content in formats of posters, videos, social media posts, and more.

Editorial Writer (under marketing)

As our editorial writer, your job will involve recognizing any ongoing projects, past progress, or future plans and then translating them into words. Specifically, you will be in charge of producing content for our blog and monthly newsletter. Please note that this content may be either produced by yourself or assigned to specialized volunteers and checked over by you. 

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