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Role Descriptions

*DEADLINE EXTENDED: Sat Jan 22, 11:59 PM*

1. Special Events Manager

The special events manager is in charge of regularly brainstorming new event ideas and overall coordinating events, which include the Craft Kits Project, fundraising events, workshops, or senior home visits. They will also be required to organize and plan out the logistics for all events including managing the budget, finding venues, cooperating with the marketing team, and securing the attendance of volunteers. Additionally, this role will require extensive communication with all other executive members. Strong organization and communication skills are required.

2. Website Manager

The website manager is in charge of maintaining and strengthening the T2SA website. This includes updating our “Updates” section with announcements, newsletters, etcetera, uploading blog posts, adding pages, improving the design and optimizing our reach. It is also the website manager’s responsibility to update the T2SA Linktree every time there are new fundraising pre-order links, newsletters, etc. Experience working with website-related software (eg: Wix, Squarespace, Javascript, etc) is encouraged but not at all required.

3. Secretary​

The secretary ensures that meetings are effectively organized and recorded in detail. They are also in charge of tracking ideas and maintaining records such as Craft Kits records. In addition to this, the secretary is expected to create weekly summaries that provide consistent recollections of organization activities, and when necessary send them to volunteers, donors, and others who wish to be updated. Direct communication with other executive members will be common in order to maintain consistent updates including event reports or project updates.

4. Editorial Writer

The editorial writer is responsible for writing general summaries of organization activities such as monthly newsletters. This requires staying up to date and taking notes on recent projects or summarizing events. They are also expected to brainstorm blog ideas which can include information about current organization activities or research related to senior wellness or crafting.

5. Marketing Associate

The Marketing Associate must often think outside-of-the-box in order to brainstorm better ways to increase the organization’s reach. This might include reaching out to news media, improving our email-promotion-system, and expanding our social media to maximize our reach to donors, potential volunteers, and consumers for our fundraising events. Communication/collaboration with the outreach team will be part of this process. On top of this, the marketing associate helps to create posters/social media posts, manage the T2SA Instagram and Youtube, and if not create, help manage the creation of Youtube videos (brainstorming, helping the video team, etc).

6. Outreach Associate

The Outreach Associate is responsible for aiding in sustained contact with senior homes, companies, and sponsors such as by sending Holiday greetings or periodic check-in emails. Additionally, the outreach associate will work with the marketing team to make plans for branding and spreading the word about T2SA throughout the community. This includes reaching out to other organizations, student groups, etc. in collaboration to increase awareness. The outreach associate also helps to contact printing companies and other services. This role is under the Outreach Manager and those who apply will likely go on to take over the role in the future.

7. Human Resources (HR) Associate

The HR Associate maintains a steady communication flow between the executive team and volunteers to ensure they are up to date with new opportunities. They do so by sending out emails to volunteers, keeping track of volunteer attendance, and organizing volunteer-related files. They should attend club meetings and brainstorm ways to engage members, such as new club activities, craft-related ideas, etcetera. In the case that volunteers spend their own money on materials, the HR Associate will help update volunteers of their reimbursement status. This role is under the HR Manager and those who apply will likely go on to take over the role in the future.

8. Fundraising Associate

The Fundraising Associate aids in raising funds for the organization by assisting in grant applications and charity audits, reaching out to donors, participating in and organizing fundraisers (eg: finding locations, ordering products, tracking sales and profits, and writing fundraiser summaries), and brainstorming fundraising ideas. Regular communication with all other members of the team is crucial, most notably with Marketing, Finance, HR and Outreach. This role is under the Fundraising Manager and those who apply will likely go on to take over the role next year. Strong communication and writing skills are required.

7. Finance Associate

The Finance Associate assists in managing all of T2SA’s finances. This includes helping to create seasonal audits, organizing financial records, keeping track of reimbursements, communicating with the Fundraising Team and ensuring that payments are made within the budget. The Fundraising Associate also brainstorms organizational tactics that better track account balances and trends, in order to propose action items such as creating a fundraising schedule. This role is under the Finance Manager and those who apply will likely go on to take over the role next year. Individuals with strong math skills and/or experience in an Accounting class are preferred.

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