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Become a T2SA Artist

T2SA Artists

What does it mean to be a T2SA Artist?

T2SA collects artworks based on donations from artists of all skills and ages. We set up customized art exhibitions at senior homes and galleries to bring in a vibrant hue for seniors. As a T2SA Artist, you will have the opportunity to showcase your artwork at various locations and earn appreciation. 

Watercolor Paints

As a T2SA Artist, you earn...

  • Showcase Opportunities

    • Want more people to see your art? Depending on the theme of our art exhibitions, your artwork may be showcased ​multiple times at different senior homes or galleries with your name labelled!

  • Volunteer Hours

    • Want to earn some volunteer hours with your artwork? T2SA can provide you with a maximum of four service hours per piece depending on the time you spent creating your work.

  • A Platform for Sales

    • Are you an artist who wish to sell your art? Our exhibitions provide you with a perfect platform! Please indicate the price and payment information ​for your artwork on the donation form clearly if you wish to support us by selling your art through our website. For more information, visit the donation tab and see "Donate Your Art".

  • Appreciation

    • You donated your art for a good cause, and this act of kindness is valued by us as well as those that you helped!

Kids' Paintings

So if you are an artist who hopes to create some good causes with your art, join T2SA today and make an impact! 

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