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Hearing Back from Senior Homes and... Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, as fall has approached, we finally heard back from the senior homes that received craft kits from us in August! Aside from Lynn Valley Care Centre, Cedar Springs PARC, and Kiwanis Manor Assisted Living—all three facilities located on the North Shore—this time, we also tried to expand our service coverage and reached out to Adanac Park Lodge, a long-term care home located in East Vancouver. So without further due, let’s find out about what these homes said about our kits!

Shown here are photos we received from Lynn Valley Care Centre. The residents enjoyed a delivery with canvas and rock paintings, and we are thrilled to see that a few of our participants have added in an autumn vibe while others let their creation overflow.

Now let’s see it for Adanac! In addition to the paintings, this home also received kits for strawberry boxes, which we see that their residents are surely enjoying. We are so glad to learn that our participants are having fun with our craft kits and it’s feedback like this that brightens up our days while motivating us to continuously provide care to seniors who might feel isolated, especially during these difficult times.

Although we don’t have photos to show you for Cedar Springs PARC, we were informed through emails that their seniors loved the crafts and particularly appreciated the paper fans on warmer days. Similarly, from Kiwanis Manor, we found out over phone calls that they experienced high-than-usual attendance for the event involving our craft kits and would love to receive more this month!

Being grateful for having the ability to serve seniors in our communities, we plan to send out about 200 more craft kits themed in Fall/Autumn by the end of this month. With this said, any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated and for your reference, as little as $10 can help us deliver care to at least three seniors. We are always mindful that everything we’ve done and plan to do is only possible because of your support. On the day of Thanksgiving, we hope you all enjoy the holiday and say once again, thank you for your support!


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