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Craft Kit Updates and... the Christmas Card Contest!

In light of the autumn season, we have sent craft kits to homes spanning the North Shore and Vancouver. For this round of craft kits, we wanted to strengthen our connections with the homes we've been in contact with, so we reached out to Adanac Park Lodge, Cedar Springs PARC, Kiwanis Care Center, and Lynn Valley Care Center again. Although the craft kits were just recently delivered, we already can't wait to see what creative twists the residents will put on our crafts this time.

The success of this round of craft kits is due to the numerous volunteers we've gained that have been able to offer us immeasurable help. Due to their assistance, we were able to prepare almost 150 craft kits that suited the new season. With autumn falling upon us so quickly. many fall-themed crafts were designed, such as paper pumpkins, fall-themed canvas paintings, and even pumpkin paintings. Our team also decided to create adorable Halloween themed candy boxes that included little bags filled with decorations ranging from pompoms to glitter. Some of the craft kits even included custom-designed cards made by our volunteers. As always, we hope that these crafts brought warmth during the autumn season.

With the Winter season approaching quite soon, we have decided to hold a card making contest. Up until now, the messages we have been sending are written on relatively small pieces of paper which can be difficult to read for seniors. Because of this, we came up with the idea of the Cards4Compassion project. This project allows anybody to submit their cards and these cards will be included in our craft kits. Despite our excitement, we quickly realized how difficult it would be for our volunteers to make over one hundred custom cards each month. With this in mind, we came up with a card making contest. The contest will have two categories: a general card category and a Christmas/winter card category. The contest will be open until the end of November and all skill sets will be welcome. By the end of the month, we will choose a few cards to mass print and distribute! If you are interested, look to our website and Instagram for more information regarding this contest.

Although we sincerely enjoy sending these craft kits, it may be difficult to continue doing so with the little funding we have. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated and even as little as $10 can help us deliver care to at least three seniors. We are all very grateful for the support that we've received until now and we hope that we can continue supporting seniors with your help. Our goal has always been to reach seniors during this difficult time and show them that they are cared for and thought of, and we hope to continue doing so.


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