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Craft Kit Project: 90 Kits Arriving at Three New Homes!

Since our first round of craft deliveries, once we heard back positively from the homes that participated, our team has continued our momentum to the next round of contacting and prepping. Last Friday, with over a month’s hard work, we have successfully delivered another 90 craft kits to three new resident homes!

If you have been keeping up with our updates on Instagram, you will have found out that this time, we featured three new crafts to bring in some summer vibe while keeping the canvas and rock paintings. As it begins to feel more like summer in Vancouver, we have packed seniors with some paper fans in this round’s kits for our participants to have some fun crafting while enjoying a whimsical breeze. Another new craft is the strawberry box. While the strawberry season is passing, we have brought in these colorful boxes that are strawberry-looking to bring a whiff of sweetness. Last but not least, our third new craft is a dainty ballerina made from water-colored coffee filters. When hung by a window, you will see these brilliant dancers spinning and twirling in the sunlight.

For our first round of craft deliveries, we chose to connect with resident homes we’ve held events at; this time, we reached out to three new homes at once and even branched out from the North Shore, where we are based, to Vancouver! The three homes that participated in this round of deliveries are Cedar Spring PARC, Amica West Vancouver, and Adanac Park Lodge (brach of Little Mountain Care).

We would also like to send our biggest thanks and dearest appreciations to Linx Print, who sponsored large parts of the printing costs for our instruction sheets!!!

Our main goal with these craft kits is to meet seniors’ psycho-emotional needs during this difficult time and to let them know that they are always backed with our support. To help us in our endeavors, you are encouraged to join us, make a donation, or if you have any questions, please contact us through email at or DM us on Instagram!


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