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Caring For Seniors at Home During Quarantine: Craft Edition

While the global health crisis continues to impact our daily lives, we are doing our best to continuously provide service to our community's seniors. Since we can't resume any off-line events in the near future for safety reasons, this blog post will hopefully serve as a resource to show you how to bring seniors in your households some joy through crafting.

Before we go into the specifics, let’s first find out why it is necessary for you to find a spare hour and spend some time crafting with seniors in your family or around you. Regardless of the difficulty of the craft, the sense of accomplishment felt after finishing even a simple craft can be especially rewarding in times like this, when opportunities to various activities are reduced. Moreover, crafting with family members and/or friends provides people with a feeling of control --not to mention an opportunity to socialize,-- helping to lower stress and maintain mental well-being.

Now knowing the many benefits of simple craft-making for seniors, why not start today? Below is a tutorial to make tissue paper flowers, one of the crafts we included for T2SA’s first round of craft kits. If you happen to have access to the craft materials (see detailed list below), feel welcome to make a few! Although if you are missing the materials, there are many other craft options online as well. We will also be posting more tutorials as these blogs go, so stay tuned!

Materials needed for tissue paper flowers: tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors.

Tissue Paper Flowers (1)
Download PDF • 2.28MB


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