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Become One of Us!

Contact us today and start getting involved.


Join an Event!

Do you want to meet the seniors and show your care physically? Come and join an event! You can either help with setting up art exhibitions, or volunteer for our craft workshops.

Sign-up as a Volunteer!

Do you seek a way to show your care and support for seniors in your community? Join our email list so you can receive the latest news about our organization!


Donate Your Art!

Are you a young artist? Do you want to care more about seniors in your community but just can’t spare the time? If so, donate some of your pieces! Your contribution as an artist is meaningful to the seniors.

Make a Donation!

We will always welcome and be thankful for any forms of help! Please contact us directly through email if you wish to donate to our organization. All fund collected will be used for the development of T2SA organization.

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